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1). To what image file types can the Solmeta Geotagger write GPS data?


When the Geotagger is connected directly with the data cable to a compatible Nikon DSLR, Solmeta Geotaggers can embed GPS/geotagging data into all current format images supported by Nikon DSLRs: JPEG, JPG, TIFF, and NEF (RAW).


2). What makes Solmeta Geotagger better than the rest?


Solmeta is specialized in developing GPS for digital photos, providing various geotagging devices to meet different requirements from our customers. Solmeta Geotaggers use direct geotagging, embedding GPS data directly into photos in Nikon cameras without having to enter it later manually in a computer. Solmeta Geotaggers are equipped with a compass (to provide heading information), an "indoor" function (to reuse the last known GPS information in the absence of GPS reception) and include an "Auto Power on/off "design, turning off when the Nikon camera is off (to save internal power).


3). Can I use a remote trigger/shutter release with the Solmeta Geotagger?


Yes! The Solmeta Geotagger N1/N2/N3 are designed with a 2.5mm jack to pass through a remote trigger/shutter release signal from any compatible remote trigger. We include a wired remote in our standard package. You can also use other brands of wireless, timer, or infrared remotes that are compatible with Solmeta\'s pass through. For the Solmeta Geotagger Pro, we provide an optional "Y" splitter cable, which allows you to use the Solmeta Pro and a 10-pin remote controller simultaneously.


4). How can I use a Solmeta Geotagger when the hot-shoe of my Nikon camera is being used by the Speedlight flash?


 We provide a plastic camera strap fastener in our standard package that can be used to attach the Solmeta Geotagger to the camera strap. This allows you to use both the Solmeta Geotagger and a Speedlight flash at the same time.


5). How is the Solmeta Geotagger powered?


The Solmeta Geotagger N3 is powered from the Nikon camera battery so there\'s no need to charge it. The unique "wakeup and sleep" working mode helps to avoid excessive use of the Nikon camera’s battery and allows quick access to the latest GPS data. 

The Solmeta Geotagger N1/N2/Pro have an internal rechargeable battery that lasts up to 20 hours. It\'ll automatically switch to the Nikon camera\'s power supply when the device is low in power. The battery can be charged with any standard USB charger (Output:5v,500mA) or with the USB cable we provide. 


6). How can I use the Geotagger Pro as a logger?


Geotagger Pro is equipped with 8MB of internal flash memory which can record GPS data and then be downloaded to a computer using the "Solmeta Utility" software. The GPS file is stored in ".nmea" format and can be converted to other formats to display in software like Google Earth.  When Geotagger Pro works separately as a logger, the time interval of recording can be set from 1s to 30 minutes.


7). What software can I use to work with images geotagged by Solmeta Geotagger?


Here is a partial list of some of the many software or web application that support geotagging. You can acces or download the latest versionfrm their offiical websites.
-Google Picasa 
-Nikon ViewNX


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